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Full-Motion Simulator Discovery Flight

Full-Motion Simulator Discovery Flight

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The excitement begins with a 15-20 minute ground lesson in which you learn the basics of flight controls and instruments. This brief lesson prepares you for 30 minutes in virtual flight! You'll start the engine, taxi the airplane out to the runway, takeoff, climb, cruise, turn and descend.

The 30 minute full-motion Precision Flight Controls simulator flight brings the feeling of being in the actual cockpit of a Cessna 172.

Even during approach and landing, you're at the controls the entire time, safely guided by an FAA-certificated flight instructor.

Please note that only one Discovery Flight can be purchased per person.

About Pacific Skies Aviation

Pacific Skies Aviation is the premiere flight school in Southern California, USA.  Aviators the world over come to Pacific Skies to earn Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial and other advanced ratings. You can learn more at

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