Basic Discovery Flight
Basic Discovery Flight
Basic Discovery Flight

Basic Discovery Flight

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Your first step to your aviation career!

The excitement begins with a 15-minute ground lesson in which you learn the basics of flight controls and instruments. This brief lesson prepares you for 45-60 minutes in flight! You'll start the engine, taxi the airplane out to the runway, takeoff, climb, cruise, turn and descend around the airport.

Even during approach and landing, you're at the controls the entire time, safely guided by an FAA-certificated flight instructor who is also at a duplicate set of controls.  This first flight can be entered into your logbook towards training.

Contact us for details about adding another passenger for your Discovery Flight

The flight instructor is on hand to answer any questions about the process of learning to fly and assist in taking lots of photos of your adventure.

A few things to consider before booking a Discovery Flight:

  • No previous piloting experience required!
  • Only one Discovery Flight can be purchased per person
  • Discovery Flight is non-returnable and non-transferrable
  • Need to reschedule? We are happy to accommodate but require 24 hours' notice, or flight will be cancelled without refund
  • No-shows 15 minutes after scheduled appointment: the appointment is cancelled without a refund as we need to release the aircraft to other customers
  • Individual weight not to exceed 250 lbs, 425 combined for both participants; we will ask for your approximate height and weight at the time of reservation
  • Minimum age of any guest is 10 years old

About Pacific Skies Aviation

Pacific Skies Aviation is the premiere flight school in Southern California, USA.  Aviators the world over come to Pacific Skies to earn Private Pilot, Instrument, Commercial and other advanced ratings. You can learn more at

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