About Pacific Skies Aviation

Welcome to Pacific Skies Aviation! We are a Part-61 flight school that provides Fast Track training for professional and recreational private pilots.  

THE SAFETY OF OUR PILOTS, THEIR PASSENGERS AND THE COMMUNITY is the cornerstone of our training philosophy. This commitment to safety is evidenced by our fleet of clean, meticulously-maintained aircraft. 

Centrally located between Los Angeles and Orange counties, Pacific Skies Aviation calls Torrance Airport home. Located just off the clear-blue coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, your flight is just minutes away from some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery--from mountains, to islands, to deserts and glittering cityscapes.

We invite you to visit our friendly facilities, featuring a VIP pilot’s lounge, AATD flight simulator, seminar and training rooms. Located right next door to the Western Museum of Flight, you can complete your aviation adventure with a relaxing break on our one-of-a-kind picnic patio, watching aircraft takeoff and land in the golden California sun.

PSA will create a personalized program that will transform you into a skilled, safe and world-class pilot. From your very first lesson-through your checkride and beyond-Pacific Skies Aviation will be with you every step of the way.


Pacific Skies Aviation - Airnav

Torrance Airport KTOA
3319 Airport Drive
Torrance, CA 90505




CTAF:  124.0
UNICOM:  122.95
ATIS:  125.6
TORRANCE GROUND:  120.9 [0700-2000]
TORRANCE TOWER:  124.0 ;SOUTH 133.075 ;NORTH 257.8 [0700-2000]
SOCAL APPROACH:  124.3 ;RWY 11L, 11R 127.2 ;RWY 29L/R
SOCAL DEPARTURE:  124.3 ;RWY 29L, 29R 127.2 ;RWY 11L/R
HAWWC DP:  127.2 ;RWY 11L/R 134.9 ;RWY 29L/R
IC:  257.8
WX AWOS-3PT at CPM (7 nm NE):  127.150 (310-631-3022)
WX ASOS at HHR (7 nm N):  PHONE 310-973-8930
WX ASOS at LAX (9 nm N):  PHONE 310-568-1486
WX ASOS at LGB (9 nm E):  PHONE 562-424-0572
WX ASOS at SMO (14 nm NW):  PHONE 310-392-6453
WX ASOS at FUL (18 nm E):  PHONE 714-870-1372