AATD - PFC CRX Simulator

  • Make: Precision Flight Controls CRX
  • Year: 2022
  • Type: AATD Simulator
  • Rental Rate: $100 / $90 (Accelerated rate)

The Precision Flight Controls CRX flight simulator augments all facets of training at Pacific Skies Aviation, from Private Pilot through Certified Flight Instructor Instruments.  An FAA-certificated AATD, training hours can be logged for some specific training activities. It provides a non-threatening environment in which to learn the fundamentals of flight training, as well as bringing with it opportunities to simulate the following:

  • Any airport in the world
  • Weather conditions including IMC, cross winds, turbulence etc..
  • Nighttime conditions
  • Equipment and instrument failures
  • Engine failures and emergency situations
  • Basic flows, checklist usage, taxiing