Dylan - Commercial Pilot

Dylan - Commerical Pilot
Flying has been absolutely amazing. I switched professions from being a Maritime Tug Boat captain to begin my career as a pilot. The path has been very difficult but rewarding and enjoyable. I started flying out of Long Beach airport getting my licenses.

I found myself at Torrance airport with an opportunity to be a flight instructor for PSA. There, I was able to sharpen my skills even more by teaching young inspired pilots. The reward for teaching someone to fly is a reward unlike any other. I was able to watch someone who was scared of flying, to conquer their fear, and find a love for the skies. Being a CFI in Southern California, working for PSA has been truly a honor and a pleasure.
Dylan's Aircraft
Next I found myself at down in Carlsbad airport. I received a job at Latitude 33, a private jet charter company. Working here has been amazing. Flying at altitudes of 45,000 ft is a view indescribable. I currently fly the Cessna Citation 3.

Traveling all over the western part of the US, up to Canada, and down to Mexico. I could not recommend this process more to people. The experiences gained in the last 3 years has been wild. PSA has helped me expand my knowledge of aviation and created a family atmosphere to help me grow as a person. It is all up from here!
Dylan - from the cockpit