Jon - Delta Pilot

Jon - Airline Pilot

Becoming a major airline pilot, particularly for Delta, was always my dream and number one goal. I really do owe a lot of my success of reaching that goal to my experience as a CFI, and my time as a student and instructor at Pacific Skies Aviation was awesome to say the least.

I first came in for CFI training and from the moment I began training, I knew that PSA has better flight training than most other schools—some of the best I’ve seen yet. Reza and his team are great at what they do and they have an ultimate caring for the students and the instructors.

Jon in the Cabin

CFI was probably one of the hardest certificates I’ve ever had to work on but PSA made it that much easier to handle and it is definitely worth it. The experience and skills I gained as a professional pilot while I was there are priceless and served me well when I got hired at the airlines. Not only is PSA a great place to train and work, it is a great place to feel at home and be with family. Thanks, PSA, for providing me with lifelong tools to be a successful pilot and thank you, Reza, for everything.