You Can Become a Pilot!


Imagine flying to these destinations from the Los Angeles area:
Catalina Island: 15 minutes! Big Bear: less than an hour! San Diego: less than an hour! Santa Barbara: less than an hour!

A Private Pilot license opens up an entirely new world in personal transportation, and is an achievement like none other. Imagine yourself flying the airplane for a weekend in Las Vegas (2 hour flight from Los Angeles!) without the hassles of airport security, long lines and strict schedules! As your training partner, Pacific Skies Aviation will teach you the skills necessary to become a world-class pilot. Below are a few details about what types of “ratings” (FAA certifications for different types of pilot skills and privileges) you can train for at Pacific Skies Aviation:


The Private Pilot Certificate allows you to fly day or night, in VFR (Visual Flight Rules – flight by outside visual references). You must be a citizen of the U.S. (or obtain TSA approval before training – Pacific Skies Aviation will assist in qualifying), pass a basic medical exam, and be at least 17 years old to obtain your license – but you may begin flight training at any age! It also allows you to carry passengers with a limitless range of where you want to go. And finally, you must understand the term “FUN.” We will not tolerate students who do not meet this last qualification!
The minimum FAA requirements are as follows:

40 Hours total flight training that consists of:
  •     30 Hours of Dual Training to include:
    •     3 hours of Cross Country
    •     3 hours of Night Training
    •     3 hours of Instrument Training
    •     3 hours in preparation of flight test

10 Hours of Solo Training to include:
  •     5 hours of cross-country (airport over 50 miles from departure point)
  •     3 takeoff and landings at an airport with an operating control tower



The Instrument Pilot Rating opens the door to the world of IMC – Instrument Meteorological Conditions – or ‘flying in the clouds’.

The Instrument Rating will hone your flying skills to a new level while teaching you advanced navigation techniques that allow you to fly anywhere in the country in many types of weather conditions.
The minimum FAA requirements are as follows:

  • 50 Hours of Cross Country Time, and
  • 40 Hours of Dual Instrument Training to include:
    •    15 hours of instrument flight instruction
    •     One 250 nautical mile simulated instrument cross country with 3 different instrument approaches at 3 airports
    •     3 hours in preparation of flight test


Although these are just your first two ratings that you may typically seek, Pacific Skies Aviation also offers training for the following ratings: